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Frohawk Two Feathers

26. A fusilier is killed whilst relieving himself. The hunters prepare to attack the trespassers. 27. Three trespassers get sent to the afterlife in a hail of arrows. 28. With the element of surprise lost, the fusiliers use the bison as a shield while the Dakota hunters plan their final assault. 29. The fusiliers, now bolstered by courage and fear shoot their single-shot rifles into the woods. The Dakota hunters have anticipated their move and maneuvered behind them. 30. The remaining fusiliers are killed in close-quarter combat. 31. Pompey delivers the heads of the fusiliers to Sidney at Leroi, The Pleasure Tent while receiving a shave from St. Marc. 32. Sidney, enraged at the loss of his men urges military action against the Dakota while Mugwayan and Pompey urge restraint., 2019

Colonial Fabric Softener Ink on paper on board

7 by 33 inches