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1000% Dissected Companion Be@rbrick (Grey) 1000% 切開同伴 Be@rbrick(灰), Executed in 2010

KAWS b.1974 1000% DISSECTED COMPANION BE@RBRICK (GREY) vinyl, with original product box and carton box printed with the artist's signature on the underside Executed in 2010, this work is produced by Medicom Toy and OriginalFake. ---------------------------------------------- KAWS 1974年生 1000% 切開同伴 BE@RBRICK(灰) 塑膠,附設作品原裝盒及運輸紙箱 2010年作 款識 KAWS(印於作品底部) 此作品由Medicom Toy 及 OriginalFake 製造 77 x 34 x 24.5 公分,30¼ x 13⅜ x 9⅝ 英寸