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Konstantin Grcic

360º Chair, 2009

Aluminum, PU foam, powder-coated steel

<p>The 360° Chair rethinks the standard office chair. Neither a stool nor a chair, it was inspired by the different seating positions that Grcic’s studio assistants assumed during a day. The quirky design consists of a crossbar on which one can sit, perch, or lean, with a low backrest for support. It is meant for activities that require one to move and take up a variety of positions during the workday, rather than for long stints in front of the computer. Grcic envisioned the 360° Chair being used in the studios of designers and architects, as well as in salons or<br>barbershops. Its five-star metal base with casters indicates its function, and a footrest at the base is marked like a compass, illustrating the chair’s ability to spin 360 degrees, as its name suggests. The 360° family of furniture also includes a high stool, a table, and a mobile storage unit.</p>